Egyptian Printing

Recently, we have been making our own print blocks. To link with our History topic, we decided to use Ancient Egyptian symbols and patterns as inspiration for our Art. We hope you enjoy looking at our prints as much as we enjoyed making them! Oak Class.

Forest School

Since coming back in September, Oak Class have enjoyed Forest School activities on our school field. The children particularly enjoyed:toasting marshmallows on the camp fire; building rafts; making catapults; painting pebbles and making teepees.

Composting Fun!

This afternoon Oak Class enjoyed a composting workshop led by Recycle Devon. They learnt about decomposers and the composting process. The children loved putting science into practice looking for composting invertebrates.

Class Trip to the Church

This morning Oak Class ventured up to the Church to study the grave stones. They looked at how old each grave stone was and whether the weather had effected the condition of the granite. This afternoon we will be looking at our results and putting them onto a graph to see if the older the stone is he more weathered it is.

Christmas Craft

Everyone in School yesterday took part in making lots of Christmas craft! In Oak Class we painted Reindeer pots, which the children will be able to fill with a plant at home. They also made some very tasty melted snowman which were delicious. They also challenged their fine motor skills as they made many crafts with paper and felt.