Skern Lodges

We are having a brilliant time at Skern. Today, we have been rafting in the estuary where we played a variety of games which of course resulted in us getting very wet. We have loved going on the giant zip wire, which gave us fantastic views of the bay. Later, we are enjoying some archery and then having a bbq dinner. Finally, we are going for an evening swim. After all of this we’ll be ready for a long restful sleep 🤞🏻😉

Oak Class Residential

We are very excited to be back at the lodge! Our accommodation is fantastic this year. Take a look at our sleeping pods! We also have an amazing view and green space right in front of our rooms. Today’s activities were orienteering and tunnelling. We had a fantastic time. This evening, we are sheet building and making campfires. After that, ware looking forward to some time relaxing with our friends before bed!

3D Shapes

We made 3D shapes and used “Maths language” to describe the properties of the shapes. Key vocabulary for our lesson was: faces, edges and vertices. The children really enjoyed today’s lesson.

Mental Health Champions

We enjoyed a live online conference with lots of schools from around the country. The session explored mental health and the way in which our brains work. The sessions launched the concept of having mental health champions within school. We will be working more on this idea next year-watch this space!

Cultural Champions Morning

Today, we went to St Catherine’s School (one of our federation family) to meet Ricky who is a cultural champion for Guyana in South America. Ricky told us all about life in Guayana and about what life was like for someone moving to England and then to Devon in the 1960s. The children particularly enjoyed hearing all about the culture and geography of Guyana. Thanks to Ricky for a fantastic talk and thanks to St Catherine’s School for hosting us.